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Etang du Peuch. Affieux. Corrèze. France
Late afternoon near Ussel in Corrèze. France
The Saint Bénezet bridge, a major witness of the history of Avignon, is known throughout the world thanks to the famous song. Built from the 12th century, it was washed away several times by the floods of the Rhone, and finally abandoned in the seventeenth century. Classified World Heritage by UNESCO.
Unmissable site in the Limousin, the Château de Val is one of the best preserved and most remarkable historical monuments in Haute-Auvergne. Limousine point in Auvergne soil, it belongs to the city of Bort while being located in Cantal, in the town of Lanobre. It benefits from an ideal environment, combining both tranquility and dynamism thanks to the water reservoir that surrounds it.
Louis Vuitton Foundation. Paris
Sleep in peace, good people, in one of the finest villages in France.
St Viance. Corrèze. France
Maulevrier, France
La Couvertoirade, France
Moret Sur Loing Seine et Marne. Ile De France
The Petit Palais is organized around a semi-circular garden. The exhibition spaces are located on the first floor, the ground floor being originally devoted to offices and storerooms. The facade is nearly 125 m long, centered by a monumental porch surmounted by a dome. Ionic columns with diagonal volutes adorn the main face as well as the semicircular peristyle of the inner courtyard. The decoration is completed by numerous bas-reliefs.
Île De France.
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Louis Vuitton Foundation. Paris
Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris
This house is an example of the many medieval buildings in the small town of Treignac, Corrèze, in France.
At the Philarmonie De Paris.
Near Deauville. France
Louis Vuitton Foundation
Eglise de st Léger De La Martinière. Poitou, France
The Saint-Pierre de Solesmes Abbey has a rich history that goes back thousands of years, it is a center of Gregorian chant. But above all, it is a living community of Benedictine monks who seek God.
Ponty Lake, near Ussel. Corrèze, France.
Briare. Loiret. France
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